Residential Pool Design: Three Reasons Why You Should Build a Rectangular Pool in Your Home

A residential pool counts as a key factor in defining the outdoor aesthetic of a home. Therefore, the shape and design you choose for your pool should complement the structure and highlight your outdoor features. Rectangular pools are popular due to their timeless design and stylish look that goes well with many homes. Read on for three key reasons why you should build a rectangular pool in your home.

Perfect pool shape for exercise and training

The best pool shape for swimmers should offer wide lanes and enough swimming space. If you want to swim laps in the quiet of your backyard, a rectangular pool is the best choice. Unlike round and irregular pools, a rectangular pool offers an uninterrupted length of water and allows you to take turns and reverse direction easily. Whether you are training for swimming championships or exercising to maintain a healthy physique, a rectangular pool will help you meet your goals.

Practical pool design for families

When installing a pool in a family home, you should think about various factors, such as practicality, safety and functionality. If you have kids, steer clear of pool shapes that create blind spots and make it difficult for you to monitor your children as they play in the water. You also need a pool that offers adequate space for family water sports such as volleyball and basketball. 

Rectangular pools are a safe and practical choice for many families. The shape of the structure offers adequate space for families to swim together and play pool games. Since the design is open with no blind spots or shady corners, you can keep an eye on your kids from the poolside or patio and ensure they are enjoying the water safely.

Versatile design for easy backyard landscaping

Your pool design should suit the style of your home, especially the outdoor space. Many modern homes feature a rectilinear design; therefore, a rectangular pool is an excellent match for visual appeal. The shape makes it easy to plan the rest of your backyard design while creating functional poolside spaces for relaxing and socialising.

You can install pool fencing along the length of the pool without worrying about symmetry. The rectangular shape also makes it easy to accessorise the deck with furniture. Furthermore, you can plant trees, flowers and shrubbery along the length of the pool to create a unique tropical sanctuary. With a rectangular pool, you can actualise your preferred backyard design.

Rectangular pools feature a classic design that is functional, appealing and practical for the entire family. Contact a pool builder for professional design and construction services.