Why Sand Filters Are the Best Choice for Your Pool

Pool filters are one of the most important supplies your pool needs, helping you to maintain cleanliness and keep water levels steady. Since filters are so crucial, choosing the right filter is essential. But with so many options on the market, how can you know which is best? If in doubt, consider a sand filter. Sand filters offer numerous benefits over many other types of filter—here are just a few reasons to choose one for your pool.

1. Sand filters maintain pool chemistry

It's important to keep your pool chemistry well-maintained with the necessary levels of pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness at a constant level to ensure your pool is always clean and safe for swimming in. Sand filters can be a big help in maintaining pool chemistry because they're able to filter out particles that can contaminate your water. In conjunction with your added pool chemicals, a sand filter will keep your water balanced and clean all summer long or year-round if you're lucky enough to live in a particularly warm area.

2. Sand filters have longevity

With a sand filter, you don't need to worry about replacing the filter every season or worrying about your filter breaking down out of nowhere. Sand filters are known for their longevity, performing at their best for several years before they need replacing. They're also relatively easy to clean and maintain, extending their lifespan to their fullest. 

3. Sand filters circulate water well

When looking for a filter for your pool, it is important to consider water circulation. If the water is not circulated properly, bacteria and other harmful elements will begin to thrive and spread. Sand filters are particularly good at ensuring water circulates speedily while your pool is in use.

4. Sand filters are affordable

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a filter for your pool is the cost. Sand filters come at low prices compared to other filtering options, making them more affordable for families on a budget. If you're struggling to keep on top of pool maintenance costs, these filters could be a good solution.

5. Sand filters are environmentally friendly

The sand used to filter your water is 100% natural and fairly sustainable, making sand filters a good, eco-friendly option. Sand doesn't create carbon emissions when it's produced, and it won't emit any chemicals into your water or the atmosphere when your sand filter is running. Pool filtration sand can also be reused to keep it out of landfill; it makes great underlayment in gardens as well as a great self-resistant covering if you live in an area that gets frosty in winter.

Visit a store that has pool supplies to see if they have any filters like this.