Essential Trends to Inspire Your Custom-Built Swimming Pool

With the increasing number of swimming pools, it's safe to say there is an increasing love affair with sunshine and water. So, if you don't have a pool, there is no better time to think about getting one.

Swimming pool designs have evolved from the basic white-tiled, rectangular swimming pools. Design trends are constantly changing to accommodate consumer preference, new technology, and pool features.

If you're looking forward to celebrating summer in style with unique pool designs, here are essential trends to consider to help you achieve a personalised pool space:

Tile Designs

Glass and tiles are now replacing concrete. There is no denying that the era of concrete bottomed pools is now coming to an end. Glass tiles are now becoming a common choice due to their sleek simplicity and luxurious accent.

You can choose to have glass tile implemented on the entire pool shell for a modern luxurious finish and pool bottom mosaics for a Romanesque effect.

Vanishing edge

Vanishing edges or commonly known as infinity edges is one of the newest trends in swimming pool designs. Basically, pools like this have a cosmetic feature that allows the edge of the pool to drop off into the horizon and flow into a catch basin below. If you have a big backyard with a beautiful view, consider working with designer pool builders to achieve this luxurious pool.

 Ledge Loungers

While ledge loungers have been present for years, in-water loungers have started gaining the attention they deserve. The addition of inbuilt ledge loungers in the shallow end of a swimming pool is essential to relaxation and sunbathing. There is a luxurious feel that comes about by being warmed by the sun while simultaneously being cooled by the water.

Pool lighting

Innovations in LED lighting have allowed many homeowners to add a unique feel to their swimming pool. Unique pool lighting is perfect in creating ambiance for a night swim or making your pool a focal point during a nighttime outdoor party.


Innovations to custom pool designs have matured with technology. Today, you can control your pool remotely by connecting your pool to your smart device. This means features such as lighting, temperature, and cleaning can be at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you want.  

Just imagine being able to heat or cool your pool on your way from work!

Smaller pools

Swimming pools are shrinking to accommodate smaller backyards. In fact, some of the hottest pools today are small pools also known as spa hybrids. If you have a small yard and would like and you'd like to use it for outdoor activities, consider working with designer pool builders to achieve your dream pool!