The Many Advantages of an In-Ground, Concrete Pool

If you're considering getting a pool for your home, you may be concerned about your budget and may want that pool to be ready for swimming as quickly as possible. However, a pool is an investment in your property, and one that you should enjoy for many years to come; in turn, it's good to look beyond the installation costs and how quickly it can be installed, and consider a pool's overall durability and aesthetics. With that thought in mind, consider the many advantages of an in-ground, concrete pool versus any other choice.

Climate and soil

Your property's soil is often affected by your area's climate. If you live in the tropics or suffer lots of humid weather, the soil will be moist and soft, and not very strong. In dry areas, the soil may be sandy and dry, and also not very strong. An above-ground pool may be more likely to shift and settle in those areas because of the soil conditions, so that it can suffer cracks and leaks. Built-in vinyl pools may also be more likely to become brittle during cold winter months, so that it then suffers leaks and cracks, whereas a thick, in-ground concrete pool will be more durable no matter the climate.


If you love to dive or even just jump into the pool, you will need one that's very deep; however, even in-ground vinyl pools are limited as to their depth, since these pools are formed and shaped in a factory and then delivered to your home. If they were created to be very deep, production and transportation would be challenging. With a concrete pool, you can have virtually any depth created, so you can safely dive or jump in without worrying about hitting the pool floor.


An above-ground pool can sometimes stick out in an unsightly way, obstructing the view of your property's trees and garden. It's also difficult to keep the area around an above-ground pool neat and attractive, as you can't get very close to the pool with your lawnmower or weed trimmer, so you may need to manually trim weeds that grow along its edges. Another issue with above-ground pools is that water splashing over the sides of the pool can easily kill the grass around it, so you're left with empty patches of turf. An in-ground pool won't get in the way of your view and isn't so difficult to keep attractive, as a concrete bed around its edges won't allow weeds to grow and will protect the lawn from any splashes of water.