Which Swimming Pool Filter is Ideal for Your Maintenance Needs?

Water filtration is an essential part of swimming pool maintenance. In general, the pool is exposed to the environment, so debris, microorganisms and dirt can flow with ease into the water. When you install the right filter, you will ensure that the swimming pool water remains clear and appealing. Also, this device will eliminate microorganisms which interfere with the health of the pool and cause disease. If you are not sure about the most suitable filter for your swimming pool, consider this short outline of the different products available.

Sand Pool Filter

As implied, the sand pool filter uses specialised grade sand or, in some cases, synthetic alternatives to eliminate the impurities in the water. This device allows water to enter its tank during filtration from the top. Then, the water flows through the bed of sand. During this process, the debris, dirt and microbes are trapped in the particles of sand. At the bottom of the bed, there is an outlet through which the water can flow back into the pool. 

This type of filtration device is an ideal because it is inexpensive to purchase, and it will last long after initial installation. However, you should note that you will need to backwash and rinse out the debris from the sand. Also, the medium cannot filter some small microorganisms. If you want to increase filter efficiency, you should consider using silica sand alternatives. For example, the zeolite option is more efficient at keeping the pool water clean.

Cartridge Pool Filter

The cartridge pool filter is a great device for swimming pool owners who want to spend minimal time on maintenance. This type of product uses a cartridge which is paper-like to trap the debris and particles on its surface. In the past, cartridge filters were not popular because the filter medium became clogged too fast. This issue necessitated frequent filter cleaning and cartridge replacement. The current filters are advanced, which means that the medium has a larger surface area for higher efficiency and less maintenance. The most significant drawback is the need to replace worn-out cartridges.

DE Pool Filters

DE pool filters are designed to use diatomaceous earth as the water filtration medium. This type of device consists of a plastic screen grid which is covered by the layer of the diatomaceous earth. When the water passes through the porous powder, the dirt, debris and microorganisms will be trapped. This filter is the most efficient in cleaning water. However, the cost is significantly higher than alternatives.

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