Two things every pool owner should purchase to prevent pool-related accidents

If you've had a swimming pool installed, it's crucial to take steps to reduce the chances of someone accidentally falling into the water and injuring themselves. This is particularly important if you have young children or small pets who may not be able to swim if they do fall in. Here are two things that you should consider buying to prevent pool-related accidents.


Having your contractor install fencing around the pool's perimeters is one of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of your household members. This type of physical barrier almost entirely eliminates the possibility of someone unintentionally wandering towards the pool and falling in or (in the case of very small children or animals), being blown into the pool by a powerful gust of wind.

Provided the fencing is not climbable, it can also stop unscrupulous neighbours from using the pool without your permission when you are not around.

Despite its effectiveness, a lot of homeowners choose not to install fencing, out of concerns about the impact it will have on the look of their home. Whilst it is true that certain older styles of pool fencing can be somewhat unattractive, there are plenty of modern alternatives which can actually enhance your home's appearance.

Glass pool fencing is one such example. This type of fencing blends in perfectly with any contemporary property. Glass is a robust material that will not deteriorate when exposed to the elements; however, its transparency also means it won't obstruct the beautiful view of the water, or have a negative effect on your property's overall aesthetic.

A high-quality cover

A well-made pool cover will ensure that, even if your child or pet somehow manages to clamber over the above-mentioned fencing, they will still be unable to get into the water.

As an aside, it can also prevent your pool water from being contaminated by falling leaves, bird droppings and other airborne debris when it is not in use. This, in turn, can reduce the frequency with which you have to drain and clean the pool.

If safety is your main concern, it is crucial to select a very robust cover. It should feature reinforced fabric; this will ensure that the material won't tear and allow anyone who lands on the cover to fall through and get trapped in the water underneath.

It should also come with lockable anchor straps so that it can be fully secured to the edges of the pool.

Both the fixings and support poles should be made from a strong metal (such as stainless steel) that will not snap when pressure is placed on it, or corrode and weaken when exposed to moisture