Why You Should Buy a Larger Pool Filter

Has your swimming pool filter worn out recently? Read on and discover some of the key reasons why you should replace that old filter with a larger one.

Less Water Wastage Pool filters normally get clogged with the dirt that they remove from the swimming pool water that is circulating through those filters. This accumulated dirt is usually removed when the filter is backwashed periodically. The water that is collected during this backwashing process is so dirty that it has to be discarded. Frequent backwashing therefore means that more water will be wasted. Larger filters take longer to become clogged due to their larger surface area. Consequently, the frequency of backwashing (and wasting water) is less than that of smaller filters. Having a larger filter therefore reduces water wastage.

Longer Pump Life Pool pumps force water to flow through the pool filter so that dirt can be extracted by the filtration system. Larger filters have a larger surface area (as already mentioned). As a result, it is easier for the water from the pool to flow through this larger surface area. The pool pump will therefore do less work during the filtration process. Less work translates into less wear on the various components of that pool pump. Buying a larger filter therefore helps to prolong the life of the pool pump.

Less Chemical Use Your expenditure on swimming pool chemicals, such as chlorine, may also reduce in case you have a bigger filter. This is because the larger filter is likely to do a better job of keeping the water clean so that conditions that favour the growth of microorganisms in the water are reduced. Less microbial activity means that you will not need to add sanitising chemicals to that water as often as another person whose smaller filter is unable to remove all the dirt upon which the microorganisms thrive.

A Smaller Pump Is Sufficient Larger filters also reduce the necessity to have a pool pump with a large capacity. This is because the larger filter operates at lower pressure than smaller filters. The larger filter can therefore allow you to use a smaller pump that is energy-efficient. This smaller pump can help you to lower the total cost of owning your swimming pool. Consult a swimming pool expert, like one from Leisure Coast Pool Centre, for help in determining the specifications of the larger filter that can enable you to enjoy the benefits in the discussion above.